Gail Penner is primarily a self-taught photographer born and raised in rural Manitoba. Although she has resided for much of her life in Winnipeg and Cincinnati, many of the themes for the scenic photography are rural.

As a unique approach to abstract art photography, Gail’s glass images are created by photographing living flowers through a variety of stained glass pieces. These stunning images are captured by the camera and are a vibrant expression of art the way that Gail sees it.

Gail also excels in landscape and macro photography. As a child of the prairies, Gail has learned to appreciate expansive views, the fine details in nature and the sense of serenity and joy one can find in all seasons. Through her photography she strives to capture more than an interesting scene or brilliant colour but a wonder of nature and sheer delight in the ordinary. Her work is always changing and evolving.

Gail is actively involved in image review clubs and photography clubs and has many showings at art and craft shows. Check the events schedule on the Exhibits page or contact her personally for more information.